Have You Caught the Riverdale Bug?

Fri., Aug. 25
The CW’s new teen TV show revisits the small town of Riverdale and the characters of Archie comics as the town reels from a shocking murder.
colorful silhouettes of summer readers with Pittsburgh skyline in the background

Summer Reading, Pittsburgh Style!

Fri., Jun. 23
This year, we’re striving to read 180,000 books for Summer Reading! While ANY books, magazines and graphic novels count toward our goal, some of the books we’re promoting this year have a common theme—the city of Pittsburgh!

Aziz Ansari's Take on Life and Romance

Wed., May. 24
You probably know Aziz Ansari best as Tom on the TV show, Parks and Recreation. But Ansari does more than just acting; so far he’s written a book and created a TV show!

Scott Pilgrim’s Not-So-Ordinary Life

Wed., Apr. 26
Scott Pilgrim is a normal guy—except he has to fight a league of evil exes in order to be with his true love. Oh and did I mention that his world is some kind of cross between video games and reality?
Black history month logo

Phenomenal Woman: Maya Angelou’s Incredible Life

Wed., Feb. 22
Most people recognize Maya Angelou’s name. She may be the most popular and well-known author/poet of our time. What many people might not know is how fully she lived her life, how many adventures she had, how phenomenal she really was.

History Gets a Sci-Fi Twist in Kindred

Tue., Jan. 24
What if you found yourself suddenly transported into the past? What if you traveled over and over to the same place and you had no control over when you came back? What if the past was so dangerous that you wondered if you would ever come back at all?

Are You Ready to March?

Mon., Nov. 28
John Lewis’ life and work (and the lives of many other Civil Rights activists) shines brightly in the words and illustrations of the March trilogy, inspiring, educating and empowering readers to make the world a better place.