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Celebrate Reading with the Reading Warriors!

Every day Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP) staff work to empower teens to be builders of their own future by connecting them to mentors, resources and opportunities that reflect their interests. Because we know we can’t do this work alone, and because we know teens are already having an amazing impact on their community beyond the Library’s walls, we connect and collaborate with other youth-serving organizations in our efforts to support Pittsburgh youth.

This school year, CLP is thrilled to be collaborating with Neighborhood Learning Alliance (NLA) and its Reading Warriors program in which high school students act as reading mentors for elementary school children. According to NLA, “the core belief behind the Warrior Movement is that – given the right resources and coaching – Pittsburgh teens can be highly effective educators, mentors, leaders, and community advocates.”

Reading Warriors visit four Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh locations on a regular basis where they spend time in the Children’s section selecting age-appropriate books, reading aloud and asking thoughtful questions about comprehension and vocabulary with the elementary school students. Through all this, the high schoolers work to teach the younger students “that reading isn’t just a skill to learn but a powerful way of interacting with the world.”

The Warriors also promote literacy in their communities by holding public displays of reading. Together, CLP and Neighborhood Learning Alliance invite you to celebrate reading at the following Saturday Reading Celebrations, which will include activities and read alouds planned by high school and middle school Reading Warriors:

  • Saturday, April 22th, from 2-3pm at CLP – Woods Run
    • Planned by Reading Warriors from PPS Morrow afterschool program
  • Saturday, April 29th, from 1-2pm at CLP – Knoxville
    • Planned by Reading Warriors from PPS Arlington afterschool program
  • Saturday, April 29th, from 2-3pm at CLP – Homewood
    • Planned by Reading Warriors from PPS Lincoln afterschool program
  • Saturday, May 13th, from 2-3pm at CLP – Lawrenceville
    • Planned by Reading Warriors from PPS Arsenal afterschool program

Each Reading Celebration will feature the following activities:

  • Small Group Read Alouds
  • Semantic Gradient Crowns – After the small group read alouds, youth will choose a vocabulary word and create a semantic gradient crown. The vocabulary word will be in the center and the synonyms and antonyms will be around each side of the crown.
  • Word Bingo – Youth will play bingo using vocabulary words from the book they just heard.
  • Word Scrambler – Youth will be given ten letters and spend time creating words with them in order to earn points.

One and all are welcome at this community reading day. Parents and caregivers can learn how these young adults serve as literacy champions in their community and share a reading experience with friends, family or someone they just met. We hope to see you there!

Learn more about the Warrior Movement!

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