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Daily Newspapers and more for LAMP Patrons!

You may know that the Library of Accessible Media for Pennsylvanians offers a handful of audio magazines by mail, but did you know that our patrons are eligible for a service that has over 500 daily newspapers across the country, and 70 magazines? This is through the National Federation of the Blind NEWSLINE service.

Patrons can call in to hear their local daily newspapers and magazines read over the phone!

Here are some details about how to use Newsline:

Signing Up

Fill out an application online or by mail. If you’re a patron of LAMP, the NFB accepts membership with us as verification of your eligibility, so no need to worry about having your application verified by a doctor or caretaker! Ask your Reader Advisor at LAMP to fill out the online application for you.

Getting Started

You will receive a Welcome Letter in the mail with a 6-digit ID, and a 4-digit security code. These come in Large Print, but you can call to request braille if you prefer.

Ready to Listen

You can either dial in from a phone, or log in through the Newsline website to listen.

When you call in, a voice will prompt you will enter your ID and Security code. Here’s the good news: if you use the same phone every day, you won’t have to re-enter the codes, the service will recognize the number you call from!

You have access to the previous day’s news, current day, and the previous Sunday, so you don’t have to miss much, even if you miss a day.

Check out this list to find your local paper, and click here to find national publications and magazines. Some examples are the Philadelphia Inquirer, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Guideposts, Mother Jones, and Financial Times, but the list includes many, many more!

Call NFB-NEWSLINE toll-free for more information: 1-888-882-1629

Happy listening!

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