Not the Treasure For Me

The Alchemist DB 37602 by Paulo Coelho is a tale of self-determination, discovery, and most importantly, treasure. Wait, maybe I’ve got those mixed up… Anyways, this short but poignant allegorical … Continued

My favorite books to read (to children)

The introduction of “chapter books” is an exciting, if sometimes intimidating experience for children. It’s a new format, with more content, and a bigger vocabulary! As a babysitter that relishes … Continued

Tween Queens: A Tale of Two Ella’s

We all, I assume, know Disney’s iconic version of the fairy tale Cinderella. Friend to small animals, sings while scrubbing floors, love at first sight with Prince Charming, dainty feet, … Continued

Likability of the Camel Lady

Does a likable character equate to a likable book? How does an unsavory character effect ones experience of a book? These questions come to me after reading—actually, devouring—the autobiographical saga … Continued