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Drop-Dead Easy… I Hope

Here’s the thing when you can knit (or crochet or sew) — you can probably feel pretty good when it comes to a baby shower gift, because even the most stoic mom-to-be will go starry-eyed over something that you made for their little one. The ability to use your long-honed skills in order to present a handmade sweater, little socks or quilt is pretty cool; even better is when you get a photo a few months later of the tiny person looking cozy in your creation.

For the past few baby showers, I’ve relied on a pretty solid little sweater pattern published by an independent designer. It knits up quickly and is darn cute on any little one who wears it. However, I’m ready to branch out and add a new option to my repertoire.

Designers Gale Zucker, Mary Lou Egan and Kirsten Kapur published Drop-Dead Easy Knits last fall, and it is full of projects that don’t require a ton of concentration. These are perfect for when you’re engrossed in a good movie marathon or you’ve been put on hold by customer service, yet again. I really love that the patterns with small sections of detail include warnings for when you can knit away on “cruise control” and when you’re entering a “concentration zone.” Essentially, these are the things you’ll want to turn to when you want to balance mindlessness and mindfulness

Of course, what better project to work on during those mindless moments than a few baby knits? In the “Bursting With Joy” chapter, knitters will find patterns for a blanket, a stuffed bear, a hat and a sweater. It is this very sweater that I’m plotting to make for some dear friends who are expecting at the end of summer (stay tuned for the results later this year!). 

For my fellow knitters not currently in the market for baby knits, the book also includes:

  • A very fetching sweater for puppies (I know some handsome dogs in chilly Chicago that might appreciate one)
  • A blanket made up of four giant square panels (perfect for a group project!)
  • A simple hat (fabulous for those special single skeins of worsted weight yarn)

For more great handmade baby gift options, check out these options in our catalog! Knitting, crochet, sewing and more!  


Indulge in some mindless yet mindful knitting

Check out Drop-Dead Easy Knits

Jess is the Clerical Specialist at the Woods Run branch on the North Side. She’s your girl for YA lit, romance novels and knitting.

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