No Apron Required

Tue., Feb. 13
I've always loved browsing cookbooks and daydreaming about delicious dinners. So when I heard that CLP - Squirrel Hill's cookbook club program was expanding across multiple locations for this year, I was very excited.

Lucy Knisley Admiration Society

Tue., Jan. 9
Earlier this week, I was talking with some friends about books. And more importantly, if any of us were going to reach our reading goals for the year. I'm kinda, definitely behind on the 75-book mark that I set for myself and I kinda, definitely won't be completing the Read Harder Challenge this year. I feel mostly okay with that, since I still managed to…

Come Write In With Us!

Mon., Nov. 6
It's time again for National Novel Writing Month and the Library is here to help our local writers reach that 50,000 word goal! This year, seven locations will be hosting Write-In programs. We'll have space for you to work, coffee and snacks to keep you going, and most importantly, the support of your fellow writers. CLP - Main (First Floor Magazine Room) • Saturdays | 12…

Love Your Library: Hands-On Workshops

Fri., Sep. 8
One the many things that I love about the Library is the opportunity to learn something new. You may know that we offer lots of ways to learn a new language, strengthen your computer skills or put together a killer resume but you can also learn lots of unexpected stuff like how to mend a seam and sew a button or the basics of video…

Summer Bucket List: State Parks

Fri., Aug. 11
As a kid, I spent a fair amount of time at the state parks in our region. I have great memories of swimming in the lakes at Moraine, Keystone or Laurel Hill, then picnic dinners and short hikes before sleepy drives home. For many years, our big family vacation involved driving two hours or so north to spend a few days at the Presque Isle beaches. As a much bigger kid, I now fully appreciate our free access to these beautiful lands.

Giant Days for Summer Reading

Mon., Jul. 10
When I feel like I'm falling behind on my reading goals (say, maybe, for summer reading?), I find that a graphic novel can provide a nice boost. One, they're generally quick reads. Two, you can usually find something that is either right in your genre wheelhouse or something to really shake things up with minimal commitment. Volume One of Giant Days really hit the mark for me in the "genre wheelhouse" kind of way.
Colorful silhouettes of four people jumping with the Pittsburgh skyline in the background.

Jump in to Summer Reading!

Mon., Jun. 5
Sunday is the official start of summer for us at the Library and we'll be celebrating with the 17th Annual Summer Reading Extravaganza! You can join in the reading fun all summer by signing up now on our website or by visiting your favorite Library location.

Drop-Dead Easy... I Hope

Fri., May. 12
Here's the thing when you can knit (or crochet or sew) — you can probably feel pretty good when it comes to a baby shower gift, because even the most stoic mom-to-be will go starry-eyed over something that you made for their little one. The ability to use your long-honed skills in order to present a handmade sweater, little socks or quilt is pretty cool; even better is when you get a photo a few months later of the tiny person looking cozy in your creation.
Elevator floor panel with illuminated number eleven with text "Coming soon to a library near you!"

Coming Soon to a Library Near You

Fri., Apr. 14
Today we're featuring a few items that will be hitting Library shelves over the next few weeks. These movies and books are available now to place on hold through our catalog or you can try your luck with the Best Seller collections on their release dates. For even more upcoming and newly released books, movies and music, check out the Books & Media page on our website!

No Cape Required

Tue., Mar. 14
When I was younger, I had this "bookazine" about famous women in history. It featured the Hollywood legends and award-winning singers that you would expect in that sort of thing but I loved reading the parts about women like Mata Hari, Marie Curie, and the other ladies who took tremendous risks to do things they were told they would never be able to achieve. This Women's History month, I wanted to challenge myself to find more of those kind of superwomen: the ones who dared to dream big and do amazing things, all without tights or a cape.