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Everyday Spiritual Fulfillment

Spiritual fulfillment doesn’t come only to those who renounce mainstream society to live in an ashram in India. At least that’s what Rick Fields, Peggy Taylor, Rex Weyler, and Rick Ingrasci—the authors of Chop Wood, Carry Water (DB 84097)—believe: They’re the editors of the former New Age Journal, so they should know.

In the book, the authors share information culled from a variety of spiritual books and resources to offer life advice on intimate relationships, work, money, and technology:

“This guide to spiritual fulfillment in everyday life contains the accumulated wisdom of the ages, as well as our own state-of-the-art collective wisdom, but the true guide, when we listen carefully to the silence between the words, turns out to be none other than ourselves.”

DB 84097
Chop Wood, Carry Water: A Guide to Finding Spiritual
Fulfillment in Everyday Life

by Rick Fields

The editors of New Age Journal talk about everyday tasks and chores and how they can be a path to spirituality. With teachings from a variety of religions, this is a guide to improving all aspects of life, including relationships, work, money, and health. 1984.

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