“The Secret” Is Out

There’s a podcast called By the Book, in which comedian Jolenta Greenberg and producer Kristen Meinzer read various self-help books and put each of the books’ tactics into practice.  Described … Continued

Analyzing the Dream State

I recently read a profound book by scientist and sleep researcher Rosalind Cartwright called The Twenty-four Hour Mind: The Role of Sleep and Dreaming in Our Emotional Lives. I’ve always … Continued

Everyday Spiritual Fulfillment

Spiritual fulfillment doesn’t come only to those who renounce mainstream society to live in an ashram in India. At least that’s what Rick Fields, Peggy Taylor, Rex Weyler, and Rick … Continued

Elaine Dundy and the “Lost Year”

We’ve (almost) all been there: Our “lost year” (or two, or three). Sometimes it’s after high school or college; sometimes it’s after a breakup, a divorce, or a loss; sometimes … Continued