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Life Doesn’t Come in Chapters: TBI, Guilt, and Gratitude

Abigail Thomas’s books are glimpses of a well-lived life, each one containing
scenes of wise, vivid prose that replicate the inconsistency of memory:Cover of "A Three Dog Life" by Thomas

“Life doesn’t arrange itself conveniently into chapters, not mine anyway,”
writes Thomas about her writing process.”You can’t just slice it neatly into segments.
My truth doesn’t travel in a straight line, it zigzags, detours, doubles back.
Most truths I have to learn over and over again.”

This chapterless style of hers is best displayed in
Safekeeping, but it’s also here in her latest work, a memoir of her
husband’s traumatic brain injury and her struggles with the associated guilt and gratitude:

A Three-Dog Life
By Abigail Thomas
DB 65383
CL 14727

Author describes rebuilding her life after her husband was institutionalized
for a traumatic brain injury he sustained when a car hit him in 2000. Thomas
reflects on the evolution of their relationship and how she copes with help
from family, friends, knitting, and her three dogs: Rosie, Harry, and Carolina. 2006.

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