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Party in Your Car with an Audiobook!

I love listening to audiobooks in the car. Living in a city often means traffic on the way home, and listening to an audiobook helps pass the time in a happier, less frustrating way. Recently I’ve chosen nonfiction for my morning and evening commutes, mostly memoirs and funny essay collections.


I’m currently listening to The View from the Cheap Seats: Selected Nonfiction by Neil Gaiman. As its title suggests, the book collects essays, speeches, introductions to books and other nonfiction writing from the author. Chances are, you’ve heard of Neil Gaiman, whether you know him from the legendary Sandman comic series or for his Newbury medal winning children’s book The Graveyard Book. As a beloved and well-known author should, he has a lot of thoughts and opinions about books, publishing and writing to share with his readers. And as a fan of Neil Gaiman and everything involving books I am an eager, interested listener!

Gaiman begins with several essays and speeches focused on books and writing. One speech given in 2013 is dedicated to libraries and how important they are. (Obviously this speech is my favorite!) Gaiman goes on to talk about anything and everything: books he’s loved, authors he’s known, music he likes, what it means to write children’s books, science fiction, comics — it’s all fair game. Best of all, Gaiman narrates the audiobook, treating his listeners to his perpetually amused, dry British voice.


What I enjoy about Gaiman’s book is that it makes me think. But I also love to laugh! (Especially in the car, so I look like a crazy person laughing to herself). Comedian Amy Poehler’s memoir Yes, Please more than delivers in laughs, most of them out loud. Poehler says about the title, “I love saying ‘yes’ and I love saying ‘please.’ Saying ‘yes’ doesn’t mean I don’t know how to say no, and saying ‘please’ doesn’t mean I am waiting for permission. ‘Yes please’ sounds powerful and concise. It’s a response and a request.”

Like most memoirs, Poehler talks about her life, her career, her famous friends and her children. But Poehler turns her book into more than that. She gives advice, talks about her own questions, shares stories that make her happy and makes you feel like she’s right there, talking to you as a friend. Even though I know reading the book is probably just as funny as listening to it, I can’t help but feel that I experienced an even funnier book hearing Amy Poehler narrate. (Don’t you love it when the authors narrate their own audiobooks?). Poehler’s book also features guest narrators, such as Seth Meyers, Carol Burnett, Patrick Stewart and Poehler’s own parents!

Whether you’re in the mood for something funny, thought-provoking or a little in between, the library has SO MANY nonfiction audiobooks to choose from! Get your party started on your daily commute, and let us know which audiobooks are your favorites!


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