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Digital Skills Basics: Getting Started With Excel

Mon., Oct. 19
Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that you can use to store and handle data. When working with a spreadsheet, you can organize information into columns and rows, and make calculations using the information you enter. You can use Excel to create a household budget, write shopping lists or to calculate a repayment plan for a loan. Whatever your spreadsheet goals, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh…
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October 2020 Program-alikes

Fri., Oct. 16
Happy October! So far, mine has a been a nonstop cycle of fall treats, civic discussions, and back to school. Luckily, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has resources to help balance all that is going on right now. CivicCLP is a place to learn about civic life through Library programs, services, and information resources. You can find election and voting information, watch a webinar on information fatigue, and join discussions on…
RADical Days

RADical Days 2020

Wed., Oct. 14
RADical Days, the annual celebration of the cultural institutions and organizations that benefit from Allegheny Regional Asset District sales tax funding, occurs this year from September – November 2020. Read on to learn more about what's happening this year.
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Wed., Oct. 14
Stoicism is a misunderstood philosophy. Small “s” stoic is the idea that you never show emotion and never react to things. Just sit there stone-faced as the world spins around you. That is not large “S” Stoicism. Stoicism is the idea that you do not control anything in the world beyond your reaction to something. To quote Marcus Aurelius, “You have power over your mind-not…

CLP Polling Locations – 2020 Election 

Tue., Oct. 13
November 3, 2020 is Election Day! Several Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh branches serve as polling places for their communities. Due to current COVID-19 safety procedures, select branches will not be offering in-person library services on Election Day in order to operate as polling locations.   Locations that will be open for voting and OPEN for library services on November 3rd:   Homewood Knoxville Lawrenceville Squirrel Hill  Locations that will be open for voting and CLOSED for library services on November 3rd:  Carrick East Liberty Woods Run  All other…

Voting at the Polls: What to Expect 

Mon., Oct. 12
Are you voting for the first time in 2020? If so, congratulations! Exercising your right to vote is a powerful part of our democracy, but you might not know what to expect. We’ve talked about mail-in ballots and the different ways of voting in 2020, but what is it like to vote in-person at the polls?  Polls are open in Pennsylvania on November 3rd from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and you can arrive any time during that window. If you are in line before or…
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Digital Skills Basics: Creating a Document in Word

Mon., Oct. 12
When you have to type a new document, be it a resume, a school report, the manuscript for your first bestselling book or anything else, Microsoft Word is an easy to use program to help you build it.   To create a document in Word, you first have to locate the program. There may be a Word icon on your desktop or on the shortcut…

Does My Vote Count?: A 'Hear Me Out' Dialogue

Tue., Oct. 6
Do you know your fellow library patrons? Are you interested in joining an authentic learning space with fellow patrons across Pennsylvania? The Free Library is excited to introduce Hear Me Out: a digital, facilitated dialogue series that connects Pennsylvanians to each other through brave and authentic conversations.  In partnership with libraries across the state and the Pittsburgh community, we will join together across distance and difference to uplift…
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Digital Skills Basics: Getting Started With Google Drive

Mon., Oct. 5
What is Google Drive?  If you have a Google Account (including Gmail), then you are able to access free online storage through Google Drive. Here’s some of what you can do using Google Drive:   Upload and store files and photos  Create and write documents, develop spreadsheets and create a presentations  Share your documents, spreadsheets or presentations with others and collaborate   Interested in setting…

Ways to Vote in the 2020 Election

Thu., Oct. 1
This November’s general election will be different than any other in recent memory. One of those differences is the variety of ways you can cast your vote. This year, you can cast your ballot early with “over the counter voting.”  If you’ve already received a mail-in ballot, you may drop it off at one of the locations below.  You may also go to one of…