Anime is everywhere!

For many many years Main was the only CLP library to have an Anime collection, but this year we’ve decided to expand into the branches.

Stick To It!

The humble genre sticker makes finding things in the library ever so much easier.

Murder! On the Orient Express?

Looking for a Poirot fix while you’re waiting for the new Murder on the Orient Express to come out on DVD? We have downloadable options for you.

Summer Reading is Serious Business

First of all, I’d like to go on the record as saying that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a good beach book. If you want curl up with the latest by John Grisham or Danielle Steel or Paula Hawkins, by all means go for it! Everyone should feel free to read what makes them happy. But tastes vary, and the things that make you happy may not be the things that make me happy. And the things that make me happy are kinda different. So if you’d like to try reading something different this summer, here are a few nonfiction books that are Serious Business.

Throwback Thursday: Like a Brick to the Head?

Scott Brick is a super-prolific audiobook narrator and a favorite among Main library staff. He’s narrated books by just about everyone – people like Steve Berry, Terry Brooks, Harlan Coben, Philip K. Dick, John Grisham, Frank Herbert, Jon Krakauer, Erik Larson, and Brad Meltzer, to name a few (really, that’s the short list).

Throwback Thursday: Houdini vs. The Afterlife

In the 1920s, America had a brief but intense fling with spiritualism. Eventually the phenomenon became so widespread that Scientific American decided to hold itself a little contest, with a $2,500 prize for the first medium who could convince a panel of judges that they were the real deal.

Clean Your Desk, or POWER (Library) to the People

I recently discovered a seemingly mundane object in the bottom drawer of reference desk — something that launched me on a quest involving card catalogs, consultations with colleagues, online databases and a trip to the first stack, the lowest and darkest level of the Main library. What did I find? An extension cord — though one with a very unusual plug.