Parent and child look over S A T study materials in the reference area.

The Library Supports Single Moms Raising Teens

Wed., Jan. 22
As a mother, I shared my love of reading with my two sons and took them to the library quite often. They felt like “big boys” checking out books with their very own library card. When they finally selected a title, they quickly read and returned it, and checked out a new adventure. Now that they are teenagers, they still utilize the library, but in…
Collection of holiday-themed library DVDs.

Community Picks: Top Christmas Movies

Tue., Nov. 26
We love when Pittsburghers post their latest library books, movies and albums to social media. So, when CLP-West End patron Alexander Campbell tweeted the photo above, we had to know more. Turns out he was able to procure this entire epic stash of favorite holiday movies from the Library! Nothing warms our hearts like a good list of recommendations, so we invited Alexander to curate…
Parent with child playing in children's room at CLP-East Liberty.

Free Family Fun

Thu., Oct. 3
When you think of a library, you typically picture people quietly reading and librarians shushing whenever their volume reaches a disruptive level. But that’s not the scene at Family PlayShop at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh East Liberty Branch. They welcome talkers! In fact, they encourage it. The children’s area is colorful, bright and noisy, filled with neighborhood kids doing everything from reading aloud to…
Logo for SCORE positioned left of text reading "Pittsburgh."

Get to Know a CLP Partner:
Pittsburgh SCORE

Thu., Aug. 22
Let Pittsburgh SCORE help you for the life of your business. We provide small business services that help you build, grow and thrive. This includes: Free and confidential business mentoring Local workshops Online expert resources Mentoring Small business success comes from a combination of hard work and risk tracking in the pursuit of your dreams. You don't have to take those risks alone. Pittsburgh SCORE…
Person seated and reading in the adult area of a library branch.

Six Simple Self-Care Strategies
for Single Moms

Thu., Aug. 15
Single mothers are busy. I’m living proof! But that old saying, you can’t pour from an empty cup, rings true in our lives. We owe it to ourselves, and our babies, to practice self-care. And not the buzz word version of self-care. But the holistic word. The self-care that penetrates through making mani and pedi appointments or hitting the snooze button. It’s the self-care that…

MLK 360: A Children's Booklist About Dr. King's Legacy

Sat., Jan. 19
As a child, I remember studying Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. only from one perspective—the man who had a dream. Without a deep understanding of Dr. King, I lacked the ability to apply some of his profound principles to my life. Years later as an adult, I read his autobiography and was amazed at the depth of his personhood. Out of this amazement, I created a booklist that allows children to understand Dr. King’s life as family member, activist, dreamer, and philosopher.

Laughing While Learning: Must Read Mo Willems Books

Mon., Oct. 29
Last summer, I took my two sons to the library. As they played in the children’s section, I searched for books to read to them. Once I gathered all of the books, my youngest son ran up to me and placed a book in my hand. I looked at it and did not think it was worth reading. It was a simple looking book with a pig and elephant on it. I was only willing to give it a try because of my son’s enthusiasm. After reading that one book, Elephant and Piggie books became a permanent part of our reading time experience.

20 Books That Inspire Black Girls to Strive Toward Greatness

Mon., Jul. 23
When I saw this picture, I thought it is a dramatic illustration of the importance of little Black girls seeing themselves in children’s books! This picture of Michelle Obama is telling this girl that she can be anything she wants to be! Over the past few months, I had the opportunity to review some interesting books featuring Black females as the protagonist characters. Reading these…