Remembering the West End

Fri., Mar. 23
In which a valiant Library Assistant explores a tiny room and creates the library's West End Historical Collection.

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a Quick Review of Irish-American History

Fri., Mar. 17
Why are we all wearing green today? How is it that one particular ethnic group came to figure so fully—politically, culturally—in the American story, to the point that as a society we endorse the notion that “today, everyone is Irish”? It is an odd historical circumstance: papists finding not only freedom, but generating incredible prosperity in the WASPish land of the United States. The story…

Listening to Veterans' Stories

Fri., Jun. 24
A few weeks ago, local scholar Todd DePastino visited the West Pittsburgh History Club to give a presentation of his work with local veterans. Not simply an academic, Todd’s work with veterans extends outside the tower through the Veteran’s Breakfast Club, a group he co-founded.