La La Land Looks La La Lovely

Whiplash director Damian Chazelle has a new film opening December 16 starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Take a look at some of the actors’ previous collaborations and the director’s first film.

“There’s a Place Off Ocean Avenue …”

Yellowcard is an American pop punk rock band that has been making music in some form since 1997. On September 30, 2016, the band will release their self-titled final album and will officially retire.

The Pretty One is Pretty Great

Zoe Kazan plays twins Laurel and Audrey in The Pretty One, a film about life and love and the unshakable bond between siblings.

Misfit Musicals

Even though I absolutely love musicals, I realize they exist in a weird world. I scratched the surface and found these four oddities in our collection.

I Did It All for the Nookietown

“Recently divorced forty-something single mom Lucy is lonely, a little antsy, and craving physical connection. Then the unthinkable happens: Her trusted, long-married friend Nancy begs Lucy to sleep with her husband … to save her marriage. The plan is outlandish, scandalous, and, to everyone’s astonishment, works like a charm—it’s a win-win-win. Soon the two women develop an underground barter system whereby Nancy’s local married friends subcontract Lucy’s horny divorcée friends to sleep with their sex-starved husbands so the wives don’t have to as often. It’s a foolproof system for a while. Until feelings get hurt, loyalties are tested, and boundaries are crossed.”