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Pittsburgh Job, Business, and Nonprofit Resources

Mon., Mar. 23
We are fortunate to live in a city with a robust network of organizations that support workers and small businesses, and many, including Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, are offering the services described below. Job Seekers Resumes, Mock Interviews, and Skills Updates If you are working on a resume to prepare for a new job or career, or you want to brush up on your interview…

Works for Me: WorkLaunch Career Connections and Workshops

Mon., Mar. 13
With spring on the horizon, it’s natural to think about renewal and a fresh start after a long, dreary winter. One part of this process might be a review of where you are in your professional life. If you are curious about pursuing new career opportunities, then consider taking part in the job search workshops, employer information sessions and one-on-one career counseling opportunities at the second annual WorkLaunch: Career Connections and Workshops event

Works for Me: Focus Your Job Search with Labor Market Research

Sun., Mar. 5
If you are looking for a job, or you are considering training for a specific career path, you need to know where the jobs are right now, where the jobs are growing in the future and which jobs will pay you enough to meet your personal and family goals. This knowledge is attainable with labor market data. Librarians at CLP's Job Career and Education Center stay abreast of trends in the labor market to inform our job seeking patrons of the best options available to them.