book cover of A young Black girl stands in front of flowers and trees with her hands up in the air

Positive Racial Identity Development and Books for Children

Wed., Feb. 10
The act of sharing stories featuring Black characters results in positive racial identity and joy. When Black children see themselves in stories, they can see themselves as important and can experience a sense of belonging.
A teacher wearing a face mask writes on a white board in front of digital cameras on tripods

A Trio of Tools for Educators – Pandemic Edition

Tue., Sep. 15
Whether you are teaching in a virtual, in-person or hybrid environment, the Library has a wealth of resources to support you and your students. Your situation is unique, so this trio of tools is designed to be flexible and nimble for your needs. 
A smiling teen in glasses and a sporty sweater

Daydream About PhenomeCON With These Book Suggestions

Thu., Jul. 30
This week, Teenspace staff would normally be polishing logistics for PhenomeCON, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh teens-only fandom convention. Even though we can't get together this year, we still want to celebrate love of fandoms. Read on to find book suggestions.
Teens playing card games.

COVID-19: Quick Resources for Caregivers and Mentors of Teens

Thu., May. 14
One time, at least five teens and I were all playing solitaire -- alone, together -- on the floor of the Library. It was spontaneous, solitary (of course), yet unifying. It felt like a lesson in mentoring then, and even more-so now. On that day and any typical day as a Children’s and Teen Librarian, I would think about teen brain development as part of…
Person looking to the right. Photo has an orange filter.

You Are Not Alone: Pittsburgh Health and Safety Resources for Teens

Wed., Apr. 29
Do you have a question? A fear? An idea to explore? Could you use some support? Even if you feel alone, there are a lot of places to turn. Here are just a few. IOTAS (It's Okay to Ask Someone) Textline: 412-424-6827 Free, confidential textline to ask any question related to sex, relationships, bodies and more UPMC Adolescent Clinic: 412-692-6677 Birth control, STD testing and…