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Banned Books Week - Book Challenges Explained

Sat., Sep. 18
When people first hear about Banned Books Week, they often ask one of two questions: “Who doesn’t have the freedom to read?” and “Are books really banned?” Neither answer is quite as straight-forward as you might think. 
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There’s More Than One Way to Support Your Library

Wed., Sep. 15
We understand that every library supporter is different, with a special library story, personal reasons for giving and different ways of making charitable giving a part of their life and legacy. That’s why we offer different ways to support Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and are working to make giving as easy as possible for you. In addition to gifts made online, through the mail or…
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Wayfinding in Children’s Collections

Tue., Sep. 7
Librarians love to arrange things. We are always trying to figure out where to put books (and other materials) so that the folks who will love them the best will find them most easily. It may not feel that way, though, when you first come into the Library to find books for your child. There are so many sections. And lots of different labels. What do they all mean?
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Five Books for Emerging Leaders

Tue., Sep. 7
Many people would agree that our world today needs creative, adaptive and innovative people in all positions of responsibility. From business executives to community organizers to those seeking social equity and inclusiveness, leaders on any level need the tools and philosophies to be successful. Here are five titles emerging leaders can use to discover methods and practices useful for creating positive and productive businesses, organizations and communities. 
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Here to Help: How Pittsburghers Can Support Afghan Refugees

Fri., Aug. 27
Pittsburgh is welcoming families and individuals who have fled the recent political upheaval in Afghanistan. Navigating a new country while still experiencing the trauma of a rapid and unsure departure can be overwhelming. The following information contains links to local, national and international resources.
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CLP Spotlights: Demi Kolke from Kenny's

Mon., Aug. 23
Welcome to #CLPSpotlights, our monthly series highlighting individuals and organizations that make a difference in their community. This month, we interviewed Demi Kolke from Kenny's, a community and cultural celebration space in Pittsburgh's Homewood neighborhood. Their outdoor event space was once an overgrown vacant lot, and is now a vibrant place to cultivate community, enjoy positive and inclusive neighborhood experiences, and have fun. Q. How has your…
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CLP Connects: Neighborhood Ambassadors

Thu., Jul. 22
Thank you for your interest in the Neighborhood Ambassadors program. The application period is now closed. Neighborhood Ambassadors is a community engagement initiative that identifies community members and leaders from neighborhoods throughout the City to act as ambassadors for Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Program Details: After a series of learning sessions, Neighborhood Ambassadors participants will be able to speak holistically about the programs and services that…
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Summer Film Tie-Ins

Thu., Jul. 22
With summer reading comes summer blockbusters! Whether you’re beating the heat in your local Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh branch or in your neighborhood movie theater, we’ve got you covered. In keeping with CLP’s Summer Reading theme of Read Five!, here are five books to read before or after seeing each of these highly anticipated summer movies, that complement the films in different ways.