Here to Help: Immigration

For life’s big and small moments Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh staff have created Here to Help booklists. Here to Help booklists provide information and support in navigating life experiences. Librarians … Continued

Banned Books: Adult Nonfiction

Banned Books Week is October 1-7. As CLP celebrates the right to read, check out the below is a list of adult nonfiction titles that have been challenged, banned, or censored over the past few years.  


You’ve probably heard of ChatGPT and AI, but do you know how it works? Join us for a virtual panel discussion on Zoom with experts in the field discussing the exciting possibilities and challenges in this transformative field on Wednesday, September 27th at 6:00 PM. Check out a few book recommendations below that discuss AI in nonfiction, fiction, and poetry, and you can always search for more through our Catalog.

Thinking About Cities

When you walk out your front door, what do you see? Who are your neighbors, and where did the names of your streets come from? Can you walk to a … Continued

National Day of Racial Healing

The National Day of Racial Healing is a time to contemplate our shared values and create the blueprint together for #HowWeHeal from the effects of racism. Observed annually on the … Continued

Transgender Awareness Week

Transgender Awareness Week is a time focused on educating folks about the issues associated with their transition and identity. It is also the week of celebration. This week always leads … Continued

Palaces for the People

Americans are in a crisis of loneliness. Factors like the pandemic and our deep political divides have kept us isolated, while social media and media echo chambers sort many of … Continued