Battle of the Books 2024

Competitive readers, it is time to wipe off your reading glasses, sharpen your pencils and put on the coffee: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is pleased to announce that Adult Battle of the Books, the book-based trivia showdown, will return for 2024. … Continued

Genre Guide – Gothic Fiction

Welcome to the world of dark and stormy nights, gloomy mansions, family secrets, passionate yearnings, and (mostly) doomed romances. Help yourself to these old-school treats and contemporary tricks of the … Continued

Spooky Middle Grade Books

It’s officially spooky season, so there is no better time than now to curl up with a good, scary book. Prepare to meet malevolent ghosts, terrifying shape-shifting spirits, murderous scarecrows and more in these stories. That is, if you think you’re brave enough.

Coffee & Book Pairings

Looking for the perfect book to usher in pumpkin spice season? Check out these perfect pairings and pick up a cup from Yinz Coffee! 

Black Joy

Check out these books that highlight the joy, comfort, love, creativity and other positive experiences that are integral parts of the full humanity of Black lives.   

Young Adult Murder Mysteries

Crime drama isn’t just for adults! Experience thrilling narratives and do some teen sleuthing with these young adult murder-mystery titles.  

Gritty Crime Novels

Shorter days. Longer nights. Cold. Sleet. Gray skies. If you really want to lean in to the bleak midwinter, check out these gritty crime novels. Don’t be fooled by some of the sunny settings. Flawed heroes, pessimistic viewpoints, and stark writing all feature in these harsh tales tailor-made for days you’d rather stay inside.

Getting Weird in Los Angeles

The history and mystique of Los Angeles lends itself to many works of fiction, songs and movies. These are some of my favorite movies tinged with (or steeped in) oddness, the kind of oddness that can only play out against the background of Los Angeles.