You’ve probably heard of ChatGPT and AI, but do you know how it works? Join us for a virtual panel discussion on Zoom with experts in the field discussing the exciting possibilities and challenges in this transformative field on Wednesday, September 27th at 6:00 PM. Check out a few book recommendations below that discuss AI in nonfiction, fiction, and poetry, and you can always search for more through our Catalog.

National Arab American Heritage Month

Celebrate National Arab American Heritage Month! Check out this fiction list, which features Arab American writers and their experiences. These works are as vibrant, resonant and unique as the community the authors embody. 

Black-Authored Short Stories

A great short story is like a brief flash of light, illuminating pivotal experiences and emotions in its characters’ lives and giving readers a glimpse into another reality. When you … Continued

Winter Reads

From chilling tales of evil queens, werewolves and ghosts, to heart-warming friendships and budding-romances. These wintry stories are perfect to read while trapped inside on a snowy day. So cozy up with these icy tales of mystery, magic and mischief.

Welcome to Pittsburgh: Realistic and Contemporary Fiction

In this list you will find stories of contemporary life in Pittsburgh – literary fiction and domestic fiction. Stories of modern immigrants, coming-of-age tales for college students, the sisterhood of sports fans, all types of romance and heartbreak.

Speculative, Surreal and Uncanny Short Fiction Collections

The speculative is a space in fiction where the unexpected and impossible can creep in. These recent collections of short stories all deal in the speculative fiction realm but vary in approach and tone. Take a look and find one to suit your mood!