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Nothing But Flowers

Did anyone else’s jaw drop over the epic music list CLP staff put together for Black History Month? It contains an impressive breadth of genres, all found in the Library’s digital music resources. That playlist sent me down a rabbit hole across our lesser known streaming platforms, recalling my college days of scouring file-sharing sites with dormmates. (To misquote Robert Plant, “Does anybody remember Napster?”) 

Carnegie Library offers several digital music services for streaming and downloading. These are 100% free with your library card. PLUS: No commercials. No data collection. No repetitive commercials based on data collection (thank you InstaCart, we have your resume and headshot and will be in touch). Check them out here:  

Alexander Street Press Stream American, Classical, Jazz, and World music
Hoopla – Stream and download entire music albums
Naxos Music Library – Stream over 2 million tracks of predominantly classical music
DRAM Online – Scholarly resource of recordings, including liner notes and essays
STACKS – Music from Pittsburgh artists for streaming, or download with a library card 

The following “mix-tape” was curated from the platforms listed above. I hope you enjoy it and that it leads you to explore all the different music resources available to you! 

  1. Carnation – The Jam 
  2. Crimson & CloverTommy James & The Shondells 
  3. Edelweiss   – Julie Andrews 
  4. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing – Billy Strayhorn 
  5. A Good Year For The Roses– George Jones 
  6. Honeysuckle Rose – Ken Page and Nell Carter 
  7. Lilac Wine  – Nina Simone  
  8. Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts – Joan Baez 
  9. Little Posey – Duke Ellington
  10.  (Nothing But) Flowers – Talking Heads
  11. Where Have All the Flowers Gone? – Pete Seeger
  12.  Wildflowers  – Tom Petty 

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If you are new to our eResources, check out these tutorial videos on how to get started.     

If you’re looking for more book suggestions, we’re happy to recommend them to you! Use this Book Recommendation form to send us some information about what you like to read and we’ll curate a list just for you.    

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