Andy Land

Did you know the Warhol Museum has FREE ADMISSION through August? Did you also know it’s the largest collection of Warhol art and archives, and it’s the largest museum devoted to a single artist in North America? See for yourself why our homegrown hedonist, who was born 95 years ago this month, inspired and inspires such strong emotions. 

Nothing But Flowers

Carnegie Library offers several digital music services for streaming and downloading. These are 100% free with your library card. PLUS: No commercials. No data collection. Check them out here.

January Is Poverty in America Awareness Month

Poverty is pervasive. The United States is considered the richest country in the world, yet 37.9 million of its residents live in poverty. Over 12.5 million of these people are children. If you need help, the Library can guide you to community assistance organizations that are relevant to your need.


Halloween can be a tricky time for families. Not everyone has the guts for scary things. Here’s a guide to a few not-so-scary programs that guarantee skele-fun for the whole family.

Does the Doggy Die?

Anyone else prefer to watch the same movies or TV shows over and over and over? Are you leery of new media, and not just because it means another subscription you’ll forget to cancel? Then check out these resources.

Beethoven In Your Neighborhood!

This May, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh locations across the city will host Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra’s Beethoven In Your Neighborhood! Read on to learn more about the benefits of music.

Here Comes the Sun

Check out these local resources to find green spaces and help smiles return to faces.

Benefits of Middle Grade Books

Right in between first chapter books and young adult are middle grade books. Intended for youth ages eight to twelve, this collection benefits its specific audience in several ways.

Library Welcome Centers

Whether you’re newly emigrated to Pittsburgh, or looking to communicate with ESL neighbors, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh can help!