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March Celebrations:
Women’s History Month and PPS Literacy Week

Pittsburgh Public Schools Literacy Week is an annual opportunity to focus on the importance and joy of reading. This year’s theme, A Celebration of Women Writers, is a great fit for March. That’s because March is Women’s History Month—and there are a LOT of great books by and about women for children and teens to enjoy. 

Women’s History Month has been officially observed since 1987, though earlier celebrations started in the 1970s. Today’s kids and teens have plenty of titles to choose from to explore the experiences and contributions of women throughout time. There are biographies written for young children, intended to inform and inspire them in equal measure. There’s historical fiction too, like Newbery Award winners Moon over Manifest, Out of the Dust and The Midwife’s Apprentice that offer glimpses into other times. 

History books for children and teens have become more inclusive over time also. Justice Rising : 12 Amazing Black Women in the Civil Rights Movement America Redux: Visual Stories from Our Dynamic History are two great—and eye-opening—examples. Teen fiction and graphic novels can also be a source of insight, as the titles in this list show.  


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