Tips for Reading with a Baby

Did you know that it’s never too early to start sharing books with your baby? Research tells us that the first three years of brain development are critical. When caregivers … Continued

Rita Williams-Garcia Lecture

Pittsburgh is a reading—and writing—kind of town. Literary events large and small abound, from author visits at local independent bookstores to the annual Greater Pittsburgh Festival of Books. We’re especially … Continued

Artistic Excellence in Children’s Books

Illustrations in books for children serve a variety of functions. They help communicate the actions and ideas shared in the text. They can also expand a story by filling in details that aren’t included in the words.  

Wayfinding in Children’s Collections

Librarians love to arrange things. We are always trying to figure out where to put books (and other materials) so that the folks who will love them the best will find them most easily. It may not feel that way, though, when you first come into the Library to find books for your child. There are so many sections. And lots of different labels. What do they all mean?

Pride Month and LGBTQIA+ Resources at CLP

It’s Pride Month again—and normally we’d be updating our online booklists with some of the titles we’ve added in the last year. It hasn’t been a normal year (to say the least), so we haven’t quite managed to do that (yet). But we’re happy to share some new titles here and to point out other ways to locate books on LGBT+ topics.

Racism and Economics

How do we measure the impact of race on opportunity? How can the U.S. live up to its aspirations to be a place where all people have opportunities to thrive? And how can we come together to talk about—and change—the circumstances that limit the lives of so many of our citizens?