Celebrate Poetry Month with us!

Celebrate Poetry Month with us! Each morning in April, the Rare Books and Special Collections Department at CLP – Main will bring poetry to life over the PA system. This … Continued

Artistic Excellence in Children’s Books

Illustrations in books for children serve a variety of functions. They help communicate the actions and ideas shared in the text. They can also expand a story by filling in details that aren’t included in the words.  

Using AI In Your Job Search

ChatGPT, Applicant Tracking Systems, “white fonting”, HTML tags: What AI tools could help you maximize your resume and job search, and which are quick hacks that might hurt you? In … Continued

Managing Debt

Presenters from Dollar Bank will  provide information and options to help you learn how to manage your debt. Note: This hybrid program will take place in the Job & Career … Continued

Digitization Basics

Thinking about digitizing family photos, letters and other items? Join us to learn the best way to plan your project and what to consider when you do sit down at … Continued