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Library Books

Libraries, and the study of libraries, are near and dear to me. In fact, I’ve spent the last two years going back to school for a Master of Library and Information Science degree. It’s been a busy and crazy time, but it’s also been very rewarding. One of the perks of the program is that […]


I love any story about a con artist. From the most grand, slick schemes and cons, to small clumsy ones, I’ve always been fascinated by it. Partially, it’s the psychology of the whole interaction. What kind of person would do this? What kind of people fall victim to such schemes and cons? It all holds […]

For the Folk (pt.3)

In this third installment of our short series of Folk-Blogs, I want to mention my love for the work the Smithsonian does, especially for the preservation of folk music through the Smithsonian Folkways record label. Smithsonian Folkways continues to expand their mission of preservation. They have recently acquired the whole Arhoolie Records catalog. Arhoolie was […]


This time of year brings with it the winter holidays. No matter what you and your family celebrate, we wish you a warm, happy, healthy, and peaceful one. Below are a couple books from our collection here at LBPH that discuss various traditions at this time of year. No matter your age, the poem “’Twas […]

For the Folk (pt.2)

In the second installment of this short series about folk music books available at LBPH, I’ve selected some more titles for anyone out there who is interested in folk music. From the amazing story of Huddie William “Leadbelly” Ledbetter, to the folk renaissance of the 1960s with musicians like Joni Mitchell, these books get into […]

For the Folk (pt.1)

I have always loved folk music. The more stripped down and rough around the edges the better. Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of folk music again. It’s nice to re-visit stuff I haven’t heard in years and listen to old stuff for the first time! Lucky for us, LBPH has a good collection […]

Good Old Days

The idea that there was a “good old days” where the ills of the present day society were not present is perennially popular. It’s not really accurate, but it’s very popular. In terms of looking at the last 90 or so years, and reading about how salacious, intense, violent, and crazy things were in the […]