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Animal Dreams

      Cosima – a name meaning something akin to “order in the cosmos” –  ironic in that the name-bearer in Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal Dreams has lived a life devoid of anything resembling structure and a plan. In Kingsolver’s novel, we follow Codi (the name Cosima prefers for herself) on a journey of discovery and understanding of […]

Shakespeare Retold

This past month I saw my first live performance of a work by William Shakespeare when I attended the Pittsburgh Public Theater’s production of Hamlet. Prior to seeing the production I never realized how many famous lines come from Hamlet. I knew “Something rotten in the State of Denmark” and “To be or not to […]

Epistolary Novels

Recently I discovered that I was a fan of epistolary novels. I actually came to this discovery by accident since (to be honest) prior to a few weeks ago, I had no idea what an epistolary novel was. I am sure I had heard the term before but never really knew what it meant. This […]

Historical Stories

As far back as I can remember I have been enthralled by history. There is no particular time period, moment, or event that I tend to focus on but instead tend to move throughout the past with whatever catches my interest at the time. Whenever I meet a person who is not interested in learning […]