Artistic Excellence in Children’s Books

Illustrations in books for children serve a variety of functions. They help communicate the actions and ideas shared in the text. They can also expand a story by filling in details that aren’t included in the words.  

Become a Reading Buddy!

Why are pirates called pirates? (They just ARRRRR!)

If you, like me and countless kids in Pittsburgh, enjoy corny jokes like these, then consider becoming a Reading Buddies volunteer!

Celebrate Día

Día is an annual celebration of literacy, culture and diversity. Celebrate Día on April 30 with a stack of good books!

Wondrous Wintertime

Wintertime is a magical season for young children. Whether you are a snow bunny or are more of the hibernating type, the winter season can provide some unique opportunities for early learning.


Halloween can be a tricky time for families. Not everyone has the guts for scary things. Here’s a guide to a few not-so-scary programs that guarantee skele-fun for the whole family.

Fabulous Fall Activities for Early Learners

I don’t know about y’all, but fall is my number-one season. Break out the autumn sweaters and decorative gourds! For families and caregivers with young children, this season also provides endless opportunities for early learning. Here are a few of my favorite activities which I look forward to year-round.

Homework Help & Tutoring – Fall 2022

Find support for school success with the Library’s in-person and virtual tutoring services.   IN PERSON HOMEWORK HELP AND TUTORING (Grades K-8) Need help with homework? Looking for tutoring for … Continued