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Traveling When Blind

Traveling can be refreshing and rewarding.  There can also be pitfalls. Traveling when blind can present complications, but they do not have to be overwhelming!  There is more than one school of thought on what is the best approach for a traveler who is blind; specifically, whether to utilize a good deal of the help […]

Throwback Thursday: Travel Here, Travel There, Travel Everywhere… With Books!

The one thing that I have learned through my travel experiences is that you can have fun anywhere you go; it’s all in how you plan it. Make sure that you are prepared for that plan to fall apart entirely, and then you will be able to explore. Some books that I have found helpful, either because they are awesome reads and take place where I was traveling, or because they provide loads of information.

On the Road Again

Summer is upon us, and with it, the unmistakable urge for going. I’ve got a trip lined up in a few weeks to visit my family on the west coast, and it’s great that I can get on a plane in Pittsburgh and land in San Francisco five hours later, but (and I may be in the […]