The Annual Spring Puppet Show presents Leaping Beauty!

Mon., Apr. 30
As May approaches, the librarians at CLP - Main Children’s are busy preparing for the Annual Spring Puppet Show.  Each year we choose an engaging story that provides entertainment for children of all ages, but will be best suited for toddlers through kindergartners.

STEM: All Hands on Tech – Remake Learning Days 2018 @ Your Library

Sun., Apr. 29
This year the Library will continue showcasing interactive technology at various locations across the city during Remake Learning Days. Remake Learning Days takes place May 17th-25th, and is a time for collaboration and exploration. We hope to see you at an upcoming event!
Cover of Ball Four Plus Ball Five

My Favorite Time of the Year

Sun., Apr. 29
Springtime in Pittsburgh is, in my opinion, the most wonderful time of the year.  This is for two reasons: playoff hockey and the start of baseball. Some of my favorite memories from my youth involve being at the ballpark or the ice rink. I was at the Civic Arena the night Mario Lemieux scored his 600th goal and the night he came out of retirement…
Cover of Letter to a Future Lover

Letter to a Future Lover: Ander Monson's Essays on Ephemera

Fri., Apr. 27
Ander Monson is a master bibliophile. He's president of the Tucson Poetry Festival, editor and publisher of DIAGRAM journal, and Director of the MFA Program in Creative Writing at the University of Arizona. He's written six books in various genres, including one about books. This book about books: Letter to a Future Lover (DBC 2751) is a collection of flash and micro essays written in…
Cover of Swing: A Novel

New Locally Produced Title: Swing

Tue., Apr. 24
LBPH is proud to share a new locally produced title available for loan or for download from BARD.  Swing was narrated and edited by Sue Reinfeld.  This audiobook was carefully monitored by the LBPH Studio Team and Volunteers, and produced by Micah Pacileo. Swing By Philip Beard DBC12074 Follows the life-long friendship of two men brought together by their love for the 1971 Pittsburgh Pirates.  Strong language, explicit descriptions…
Cover of American edition of State of Wonder by Ann Patchett, on hardwood table.

A Trip to the Amazon

Sun., Apr. 22
Mystery, adventure, science, shady pharmaceutical dealings and an unassuming hero. What more could a traveler look for in a book? State of Wonder (DB73464) was an airport bookstore purchase for me years ago, and I recently pulled it back off my bookshelf to revisit the magical yet scientific and evenly paced tale of a journey to the Amazon that started in a professional capacity, but quickly developed…
Happy chickens frolicking in hay.

Homesteading: Growing and Raising the Good Stuff!

Sat., Apr. 21
In part inspired by my colleague's recent post here on the LBPH Blog, I've recently decided to look further into the topic of homesteading and self-sufficiency.   I've been gardening for a few years now, and every year try to do a little more to make my yard more sustainable and productive.  I have a raised bed garden, but also mix plenty of edibles throughout the landscape.  I've never…
The cover of the book MOTHERSHIP: Tales from Afrofuterism and Beyond

Afrofuturism and Beyond!

Fri., Apr. 20
I stumbled across this excellent collection of sci-fi, fantasy, and speculative fiction a few years ago. The title and the idea of a collection that was purposefully made in terms of writers of color taking on the themes, tropes, and issues of these genres was really interesting to me. What I found equally interesting were the introductions by the editors. The discussion of why this…
Image from StoryCorps animation "Eyes on the Stars"

All There Is

Tue., Apr. 17
Bonnie discovers that there's always something to talk about.