Photo of two women and a man in conversation with the text: "Neighborhood Ambassadors"

CLP Connects: Neighborhood Ambassadors

Thu., Jul. 22
Neighborhood Ambassadors is a community engagement initiative that identifies community members and leaders from neighborhoods throughout the City to act as ambassadors for Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. APPLY TODAY! Program Details: After a series of learning sessions, Neighborhood Ambassadors participants will be able to speak holistically about the programs and services that CLP provides, increasing library visibility and engagement within our community. CLP will take this…
Illustration of people of various ages surrounding large books with text reading "Summer Reading"

Summer Film Tie-Ins

Thu., Jul. 22
With summer reading comes summer blockbusters! Whether you’re beating the heat in your local Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh branch or in your neighborhood movie theater, we’ve got you covered. In keeping with CLP’s Summer Reading theme of Read Five!, here are five books to read before or after seeing each of these highly anticipated summer movies, that complement the films in different ways.

VITAL Funding for Vital Resources

Tue., Jul. 20
Supporting libraries comes naturally for John Gismondi and his family. “Growing up, our family’s home, where my 98-year-old mother still resides, was within walking distance to the Uniontown Public Library, and my siblings and I were regular users. Although neither of my parents were educated beyond high school, they instilled an intellectual curiosity in all of us and it served us well throughout the rest of our lives,” said John. Through their foundation, the Gismondi Family Foundation, John and his wife Lisa have generously supported libraries. In 1995, in honor…
Person working at home with laptop and stack of documents.

Family Histories and Family Sagas

Thu., Jul. 15
Thanks to current technology and digitization, uncovering your family saga is easier than ever. Check out these resources to learn more.
Exterior front entrance at CLP-Main in Oakland

Saïd and Martha's Story

Thu., Jul. 8
Not long ago, while clearing out my mother’s belongings from her apartment on Centre Avenue, I happened to find two overdue library books. Knowing full well that she would have wanted these to be returned, I walked them over to the Main branch, that same walk that my mother and I would have taken together many times over the years. – Saïd Sayrafiezadeh In December…