A New Story From Middle-Earth

The tale of Beren and Luthien is part of the legends and history that make up J.R.R Tolkien’s beautiful world Middle-Earth. Tolkien’s son, Christopher, has removed the story of the lovers from the original work and, along with his understanding of his father’ work and his own work he did editing The Silmarillion, has reconstructed the tale of the two lovers.

By Thor’s Hammer

Every few years a new culture seems to capture our collective attention…Pirates, vampires and zombies (oh my?) being the first three that come to mind over the last decade and a half. Lately I have detected a little Scandinavian sensationalism, some Nordic know-how, floating into pop culture. I am, of course, talking about the popularity Vikings seem to be enjoying in television.

Watery Graves: Two Not-So-Scary Books

Every year I struggle to find books this time of year. I love Halloween, but I don’t care to be scared. I was always the kid who cried at the haunted house (and by kid I mean just last year). I try to look for books with the right ambiance for Halloween: dark, mysterious, possibly supernatural but not too frightening. This year I lucked out and found two books that have kept me entertained in the spirit of the holiday without actually causing me sleepless nights.

That Time Already?

My daughter is about to start second grade, so I picked out some back-to-school books for newly independent readers that your child will enjoy, with or without you!

Sci-Fi Summers

I go through cycles with my reading. Sometimes I am all historical fiction, sometimes popular science, sometimes romance, but in the summer I start yearning for science fiction and fantasy.

Check Mate!

Officer Tiffany Costa is bringing the Pittsburgh Police Chess Club program to CLP – Sheraden. Starting this Friday, June 24th she, along with other Pittsburgh Police Officers, will be available from 4 to 5 pm at Sheraden to offer chess tutoring, practice and games to kids and teens in the Sheraden neighborhood.

A Clean Slate!

With lots of cheer leading from my co-worker, I got the idea into my head to make soap myself. Here’s a list of some of my favorite soap-making books.