Discworld – The Watch Books

If you aren’t familiar with Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series of books, I’m here to tell you to read one. Any one. Just read one. You’ll know if it’s for you … Continued


I love any story about a con artist. From the most grand, slick schemes and cons, to small clumsy ones, I’ve always been fascinated by it. Partially, it’s the psychology … Continued

For the Folk (pt.3)

In this third installment of our short series of Folk-Blogs, I want to mention my love for the work the Smithsonian does, especially for the preservation of folk music through … Continued


This time of year brings with it the winter holidays. No matter what you and your family celebrate, we wish you a warm, happy, healthy, and peaceful one. Below are … Continued

For the Folk (pt.2)

In the second installment of this short series about folk music books available at LBPH, I’ve selected some more titles for anyone out there who is interested in folk music. … Continued

For the Folk (pt.1)

I have always loved folk music. The more stripped down and rough around the edges the better. Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of folk music again. It’s nice … Continued

Good Old Days

The idea that there was a “good old days” where the ills of the present day society were not present is perennially popular. It’s not really accurate, but it’s very … Continued

Of Grifters and Offspring

I love stories of con artists. I always have. When this book came out I read it and I still think of it often. The tale of the mother/son team … Continued

All A Dream We Dreamed

Earlier in the year I wrote about a few other titles in our collection that are about the Grateful Dead.  Since then, another book on the band has been added … Continued

Happy Solstice!

The Summer Solstice is right around the corner. That means it’s time to think about the days getting shorter, and to contemplate the trip around the sun that we’re all … Continued