Kids playing on the steps of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Main branch in Oakland.

The Power of Play 

Mon., Jan. 4
There’s more to playing than meets the eye. It burns off energy and strengthens muscles and critical thinking skills. It promotes literacy by creating connections with words and print. And, especially in these unpredictable times, it helps kids to make sense of both unexpected events and everyday life.
Smiling person reading a book on the couch in warm lighting.

Real Imaginary Lives

Wed., Sep. 23
It’s fascinating to think about the lives of historical figures. Perhaps that’s why so many authors try their hands at imagining the internal and external lives of famous figures, bringing them closer to the world of contemporary readers by coloring facts and dates with feelings and fiction.

Words and Pictures: Katherine Paterson

Mon., Nov. 27
On Sunday, December 3 at 2:30pm, Pittsburgh Arts and Lectures will present the award-winning children's author Katherine Paterson as part of the 2017 Words & Pictures series.