Adult seated at desk with computer talking on phone. The phrase "digital literacy" is in the bottom left corner.

Digital Skills Basics: Getting Started With Google Drive

Mon., Oct. 5
What is Google Drive?  If you have a Google Account (including Gmail), then you are able to access free online storage through Google Drive. Here’s some of what you can do using Google Drive:   Upload and store files and photos  Create and write documents, develop spreadsheets and create a presentations  Share your documents, spreadsheets or presentations with others and collaborate   Interested in setting…
Person with headphones seated at desk and using laptop. The phrase "digital literacy" is in the bottom left corner.

Digital Skills Basics: Create a Facebook Account

Mon., Sep. 28
Facebook is a popular social media platform for keeping in touch with others and sharing information about our lives. It can sometimes seem like almost everyone has an account and is talking about what they’ve seen on Facebook. If you don’t currently have an account but would like one to connect with friends, loved ones and your community in this time of increased virtual interaction, follow the steps below!  Before creating an account,…
Library card catalog drawer labeled for Library of Congress classification.

Digital Skills Basics: Using the Library Catalog

Mon., Sep. 14
Did you know that you can look up available books, movies, and music from home? All of this information is available on the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh website through the library catalog. The catalog tells you:   What items are available at the library Where those items are located  If the items are checked out and when they are due  Through the catalog, you can also have an…