Life on the Other Side of the Fence

Pittsburgher August Wilson wrote his award-winning play, Fences, in 1983. Fences was the sixth of ten plays in his “Pittsburgh Cycle” focusing on the changing nature of race relations and the African American experience. Recently, Denzel Washington directed and starred in a movie version shot in Pittsburgh.

Learn Something New at Your Library

After a decade of swearing off New Year’s Resolutions, this year I decided to set a goal that would be doable and enjoyable: learn one new thing or fact per day. It’s manageable because it’s small, and learning is something I place a high value on and enjoy doing. The Library also makes it super easy with an abundance of resources. I’m going to talk about two of my favorite online databases.

Is X-Men: Apocalypse Really That Bad?

Normally when critics eviscerate a movie as universally and thoroughly as they did X-Men: Apocalypse I wouldn’t bother seeing it. However, I love the X-Men universe and only one movie has left a sour taste in my mouth (X-Men: The Last Stand—can we please pretend this movie never happened?), so I sat down with an open mind and hoped that one of my favorite childhood superhero franchises hadn’t been ruined beyond all possible redemption.

Life as a First Lady

After this election, I started thinking about what life was like for the women who were married to the presidents—who have to endure the rigors of the election cycle and endless press coverage, but whose contributions are significantly overlooked by history. In First Women: The Grace and Power of America’s Modern First Ladies, Kate Andersen Brower brings their personal stories to light and acknowledges their many and diverse contributions.

History, Mystery and Witchery

Hopefully you are enjoying the spectacular colors of autumn as much as I am, even if you have to go through the “joy” of raking all those leaves. When your body’s sore from all that work, treat yo’self with some hot apple cider and some almost-as-fantastic-as-apple-pie-books. Here are some of my favorite selections for these colder and windier days.

A New Point of View

Have you ever wondered how your favorite authors think, write and feel about literature, culture, music and current events? Then take a peek inside Neil Gaiman’s head with The View from the Cheap Seats.

Welcome to Jupiter

Do you find yourself constantly pondering about the universe and all the secrets it holds? I did, but now that I’ve read a few books on theoretical physics, I’m light years beyond where I was before. In celebration of NASA’s Juno mission, let’s go to “Infinity and Beyond.”

Hang Ten: Nonfiction Picks for Summer

What does a surfer and a woman suffering from chronic depression and anxiety have in common? They’re both amazing authors with the ability to pull the reader into their stories, even if you’ve even seen a surfboard in real life and are cool as a cucumber in all situations.