Mother’s Day

As May begins, the two pillars of American Hallmark holidays draw closer: Mother’s and Father’s Day. They promise luke-warm brunch for mom and a never-to-be-used power tool for dad. How … Continued

Best of BARD: April 2015

New site, but we’re up to the same old tricks – that means we’re coming at you with the Top Five downloads for the month of April on BARD. Nice … Continued

Best Books for Babies 2016

Child development experts and advocates for early literacy have gotten together to identify the Best Books for Babies.

Mommie Dearest

A couple of weeks ago I checked out Mommie Dearest on DVD from the library.  I had only vague memories of it being on TV when I was young.  Something … Continued

Autobiography or Memoir?

What’s the difference between autobiographies and memoirs? Are they essentially the same genre? Check out my classifications on a few of these books and share your own favorites!

Seven Thousand Miles

While I was watching cartoons and eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch on Saturday mornings, children seven thousand miles away in Sudan were experiencing a childhood that I, at 8, could never have fathomed. Here are some books that tell their stories.

Robots Rule at Codefest Jr.

Codefest Jr. encouraged children and their adults to explore, learn about, and experience coding in a relaxed and fun environment filled with age-appropriate hands-on activities.

One Shot

While this may sound like your standard issue crime drama, Victoria is thrilling, largely due to everything we see on screen being filmed in a single shot.

Bibliotherapy and Me

If you’re unfamiliar with bibliotherapy, it involves much more than suggesting a good book to someone going through a difficult time.