Adventures in Regional Cinema

Lately I’ve been thinking about the idea of regional cinema – smaller, independent movies that are so much about a specific region or place, that they could not have been filmed anywhere else. Check out one of these three great examples of regional cinema from the library’s film collection.


So far, so good: every day Pittsburghers rely on the Library for computer access, educational programs for children and teens, support for adult goals and dreams, and help finding a good book, CD, or movie.

Syttende Mai

For today’s celebration of Syttende Mai (Seventeenth May), also called Nasjonaldagen (The National Day) or Grunnlovsdagen (The Constitution Day), I wanted to make you aware of a rare bit of … Continued

Pace Yourself: The Paying Guests

Frances and Lilian’s feelings for each other unfold at just the right pace. There’s an art to these things, and Waters understands it.

Sun Studio

Memphis is known as the “Home of the Blues, Birthplace of Rock ‘n Roll.” One of the city’s most famous recording studios was Sam Phillips’s Sun Studio down on Union … Continued

Short Stories, Big Impact

Sherrie Flick’s new collection of flash fiction might come in teeny tiny packages, but these stories pack a punch.

Gardening with Kids

Gardening with kids can be fun and educational, but did you know that it’s also full of sensory benefits? Children learn about the world using their senses, and as they … Continued