A Revitalized Library for the Hilltop!

Come celebrate the grand reopening of CLP – Knoxville with us on Saturday, June 25! Enjoy the ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:15, and then take a tour or enjoy one of the many activities that will available.

Ode to the Potboiler

Popular fiction and genre novels have always gotten bad raps by critics for not offering any literary value to readers. Many readers know, however, that some of the most popular … Continued

Vulnerability, Creativity, and The Art of Memoir

Mary Karr’s The Art of Memoir not only documents the frustrations and triumphs of writing about oneself, but also delves into the importance of vulnerability to making authentic and valuable connections.

What It Means To Be A Librarian

Librarians are not educators, but we provide learning experiences and foster reading every day through the materials we provide or programs we offer for all ages.

The Pretty One is Pretty Great

Zoe Kazan plays twins Laurel and Audrey in The Pretty One, a film about life and love and the unshakable bond between siblings.

SARK Recommends…

Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (known by her pen name, SARK) is a prolific artist and writer of books made to awaken the playful child within all of us and to … Continued

Apollo’s Fall From Grace

Rick Riordan is back with a new series! In the series, Apollo is sent to Earth in the body of a 16-year-old boy as punishment by Zeus. Read on for adventure, laughs and old friends.

Celebrate Good Times

With so many things to do around town this week–including Pittsburgh Pride!–it will be hard to browse for books, so here are three LGBTQ-friendly YA picks for your Summer Reading list.