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Adventures in Foreign Television

Wed., Mar. 23
I am a newly minted fan of a French program called Kaboul Kitchen. If you’re looking for something TV-wise a little off the beaten path, I definitely recommend giving this show a try.

In Appreciation of Brie Larson

Mon., Mar. 7
Is Brie Larson on your radar after her Oscar-winning performance in Room? Check out some of her earlier films.

Stay Out of Trouble? Never!

Mon., Jan. 25
The nine stories in Kelly Link's Get In Trouble are fantastically dark and brooding, but not so dark as to leave you utterly depressed.

Literacy Unlocked

Fri., Aug. 28
Literacy Unlocked is a partnership between the Carnegie Library and the Allegheny County Jail (ACJ). Librarians bring book clubs, financial education, resume building, parenting classes and more to the inmates at the ACJ.