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Armchair Philosophy

Tue., Jul. 12
I love reading accessible philosophy, the stuff that takes philosophy out of the ivory tower. Here are some things I've read and watched lately that have been of particular interest.
Homeschool students draw at CLP - Main.

Homeschool Explorations

Mon., Jul. 11
Homeschool students and their adults gather on Tuesday afternoons in the Children’s Department at CLP – Main to share in a lively program series that supports and supplements their educational experience.

Mirrors and Windows

Mon., Jul. 11
When you read a book that doesn't have a character that reflects you, but is more about viewing others and different experiences, that is a window book — and they are just as important.

Simpler Times

Fri., Jul. 8
I found it fascinating to learn while watching a documentary that discussed the trends of television programming in the 1970s that a surge of shows found success in covering themes and settings of simpler times in American history. Such shows included Little House on the Prairie and The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams that featured the appeal and folksiness of American country life. Other…

Everything Counts: Short Books for Summer Reading

Fri., Jul. 8
As a group, the Eleventh Stack bloggers set a goal of reading 170 books for Summer Reading 2016.  We started off full-steam ahead in early June, but family, friends, work and sunshine keep us all busy, and now some of us are feeling the pressure of the individual goals we set. "Read 30 books over the summer" seemed so attainable when we were still coming out…

"There's a Place Off Ocean Avenue ..."

Thu., Jul. 7
Yellowcard is an American pop punk rock band that has been making music in some form since 1997. On September 30, 2016, the band will release their self-titled final album and will officially retire.

My Introduction to Lindy West

Wed., Jul. 6
Before reading Lindy West's new book, Shrill: Notes From A Loud Woman, I had never heard of her. I kept seeing this book on Amazon as a book that was soon to be released. After reading the description, I was interested.

Life Doesn't Come in Chapters: TBI, Guilt, and Gratitude

Tue., Jul. 5
Abigail Thomas's books are glimpses of a well-lived life, each one containing scenes of wise, vivid prose that replicate the inconsistency of memory: "Life doesn’t arrange itself conveniently into chapters, not mine anyway," writes Thomas about her writing process."You can’t just slice it neatly into segments. My truth doesn’t travel in a straight line, it zigzags, detours, doubles back. Most truths I have to learn…

Something to Crow About

Tue., Jul. 5
Clocking in at a mere 114 pages and titled with a clever twist on an Emily Dickinson lyric, Mark Porter's Grief is the Thing With Feathers is a stunning summer read. You can read it as a long poem or a short novel, but it almost doesn't matter, unless you're a purist. It's the lush, musical language that lifts Porter's story out of the mundane and into the magical.