Staff Picks categorized 'african-american'

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Black and LGBTQ+ Authors

From science fiction to historical fiction and memoirs, these books portray various experiences of both Blackness and queerness.
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All Boys Aren’t Blue

This memoir manifesto by cultural critic Johnson navigates Blackness, masculinity and queerness while asking readers to explore the social forces that shape their lives.
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Bisa Butler Inspired Fabric Collage

This year's national Black History Month theme is: 2021- The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity. These resources dig into the work of Bisa Butler and other Black quilters, storytellers and fiber artists.
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The Work of Elizabeth Catlett

In honor of Black History Month, check out these titles about Elizabeth Catlett and other Black women artists.
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Slices of Inner Black Life: New Realistic Short Story Collections

Written by Black authors from different countries, of different ages and from different life experiences, these short story collections masterfully find the moments in life when people’s personalities change – either deliberately or inadvertently.  
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Black Joy

These books celebrate Black kids--from babies to middle schoolers--being kids.