New Horror Novels for Teens

Gothic fantasies are the heart of these new horror novels for teens – creepy inheritances, bleak and ritualized post-apocalyptic futures, transportive magic that opens portals to sinister worlds, and horrors of real life brought into focus by the existence of the paranormal and supernatural.

Winter Chillers

Isolated by snow storms, stalked by monsters and haunted by screams in the night. These frigid horror tales will chill you to the bone. The perfect picks for the darkest time of the year. 

Getting Weird in Los Angeles

The history and mystique of Los Angeles lends itself to many works of fiction, songs and movies. These are some of my favorite movies tinged with (or steeped in) oddness, the kind of oddness that can only play out against the background of Los Angeles.

Welcome to Pittsburgh: Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror

What if UFOs landed at the Point? What if all that was left of the city was a virtual reality archive? What if we slipped into Elfland? Check out these sci-fi, fantasy and horror titles set in Pittsburgh to find out.

Speculative, Surreal and Uncanny Short Fiction Collections

The speculative is a space in fiction where the unexpected and impossible can creep in. These recent collections of short stories all deal in the speculative fiction realm but vary in approach and tone. Take a look and find one to suit your mood!