Genre Guide – Gothic Fiction

Welcome to the world of dark and stormy nights, gloomy mansions, family secrets, passionate yearnings, and (mostly) doomed romances. Help yourself to these old-school treats and contemporary tricks of the … Continued

Genre Guide – Body Horror

Body Horror often features gross and terrifying transformations happening to humans. Like a rash, from Kafka’s The Metamorphosis to today, body horror is spreading!  These selections using the body or … Continued

Modern Takes on Classic Horror

Dracula. Frankenstein’s monster. The wolfman.     Why do we return to these classic villains? Is it their fashion choices? Their winning personalities? At the heart of our favorite monsters there … Continued

Oh, The Horror! A Horror Movie History Lesson

Looking to become a horror movie aficionado without falling victim to all those jump scares? More interested in the why of horror rather than the how (like how Michael Myers is still alive for all these sequels!?). If you call horror movies, horror cinema this is the list for you!  

New Horror Novels for Teens

Gothic fantasies are the heart of these new horror novels for teens – creepy inheritances, bleak and ritualized post-apocalyptic futures, transportive magic that opens portals to sinister worlds, and horrors of real life brought into focus by the existence of the paranormal and supernatural.

Winter Chillers

Isolated by snow storms, stalked by monsters and haunted by screams in the night. These frigid horror tales will chill you to the bone. The perfect picks for the darkest time of the year.