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Welcome to Pittsburgh: Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror

What if UFOs landed at the Point? What if all that was left of the city was a virtual reality archive? What if we slipped into Elfland? Check out these sci-fi, fantasy and horror titles set in Pittsburgh to find out.
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Speculative, Surreal and Uncanny Short Fiction Collections

The speculative is a space in fiction where the unexpected and impossible can creep in. These recent collections of short stories all deal in the speculative fiction realm but vary in approach and tone. Take a look and find one to suit your mood! 
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Gentrification Stories

If you're on the waiting list for the book, "When No One Is Watching," here is a list of some of the best recent stories featuring gentrification at their core.  
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His Hideous Heart

It’s the perfect time of year to read something creepy. Check out "His Hideous Heart," a collection of stories inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s work.
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Hallucinatory Horror Movies

Watch these Hallucinatory Horror movies when you want something dark for your psyche to chew on. 
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Witchy Women and Haunted Places

The books on this list range in tone from Latinx folklore-derived magical realism to claustrophobic psychological terror but they all feature the uncanny, the surreal, or the supernatural in the form of buildings, women, or both. Blanca & Roja, White is for Witching, and Other Words for Smoke all feature sets of twins struggling to understand their relationship to each other while being encroached upon…
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Reading Security is like reading a slasher movie, in the best way. Told from an almost-omniscient perspective - an incapacitated head of security staring into the camera feed - it follows a ruthless killer as they methodically infiltrate a state of the art hotel on its opening day, stalking and murdering its staff. Along the way, relationships, motivations, and the history of the hotel are…
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Winter Chills

Need an absorbing and creepy fiction pick to curl up with on a cold night?