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Books by African Authors

Explore fascinating characters in these books by African authors. These stories offer everything from thrills to humor to mystery, and more.
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International Stories on Film

If you want to travel the world without leaving home or you miss hearing the language of your homeland and want to see a story from there, hop onto OverDrive to check out these selections.
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Always Available on Hoopla: Cooking on a Budget

These suggested cookbooks offer easy and simple meal ideas, are easy on the wallet and use items you may already have, and give you an opportunity to explore some new cuisines.
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Battle of the Books 2020: 7th & 8th Grade Booklist

7th & 8th Grade Battle Tuesday, February 25th, 2020 Learn more and register at If you're interested in audio or digital copies of the books check out Hoopla and Overdrive (library card required) or ask your local library staff for help!
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Photographic: the Life of Graciela Iturbide

Isabel Quintero's writing and Zeke Peña's art lyrically move the reader through the life of Graciela Iturbide, celebrated Mexican photographer. Though less well-known than, say, Frida Kahlo, this book shows why Iturbide is a vital artist. The story of her life is not told incident by incident, but rather flows around recurring themes that are echoed and amplified in her work, some of which is…
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Graphic Reads for English Learners

Graphic novels and graphic nonfiction are great choices for adult English learners. Readers who would ordinarily struggle to grasp the text's meaning can often understand a story that's accompanied by illustrations and photographs. Let's Read English participants enjoyed many of these titles.
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The language tells stories, but also sings songs.
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Bite-Sized Books

Whether you're looking for something easy to take with you on your commute or just want to try a sample of a new genre or author, these bite-sized books make great starters!