Staff Picks categorized 'nonfiction'

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Cooking With Your Family

For great ideas on how to get started in cooking, check out these awesome books for kids and teens from Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh! 
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Organizing Your Home

If you need a little help getting your home organized, check out these titles for tips and inspiration!
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Bisa Butler Inspired Fabric Collage

This year's national Black History Month theme is: 2021- The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity. These resources dig into the work of Bisa Butler and other Black quilters, storytellers and fiber artists.
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Andrew Carnegie Book List

Andrew Carnegie was a competitive, often ruthless businessman. He was also a philanthropist who gave away more than $350 million during his lifetime. During our anniversary year, CLP is celebrating the institution that has grown and evolved out of Carnegie’s original gift of a library building, museum and music hall. If you’d like to learn more about the man behind that gift, here are some titles we recommend that show the good – and the bad –…
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The Work of Elizabeth Catlett

In honor of Black History Month, check out these titles about Elizabeth Catlett and other Black women artists.
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Hear Me Out: Online Security and Data Protection

On February 24, 2021, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh will be hosting a 'Hear Me Out' discussion about online security and data protection. For more information about these topics, check out these titles.
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Black Joy

These books celebrate Black kids--from babies to middle schoolers--being kids.