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A Young Adult Convert

My friends and colleagues know me as someone who didn’t spend much time in the realm of young adult (YA) fiction at the age when that genre should have appealed to me. In my previous experience reading YA novels, I had felt the storylines to be too flat and the characters too vacuous and self-absorbed, […]

Three Fairy Tales to Read After You Watch Beauty and the Beast

Did you see the Beauty and the Beast live action film yet? I recently did, and it made me think of all the fairy tale retellings that are published and made. Fairy tales were first told to teach children lessons; it wasn’t until Disney’s series of animated films like Snow White and Cinderella that they became more like the stories we see and hear today. That hasn’t stopped people from retelling them in a variety of ways. Here are three recent retellings that you may find interesting if you love Beauty and the Beast.

Inspirational Girls

Marley Dias started 1000 Black Girl Books and has been an inspiration to me (also, her website is an amazing book resource!). She exemplifies how much we—not only as individuals, but as groups—can do to help and support others, starting from a young age. I feel as though so often many of us feel that we have to wait until we grow up to do something extraordinary. I thought that it was important to talk about someone who inspired me and didn’t wait until she grew up to do it.