Stephen King On Writing

Writing Advice from Stephen King

Sat., Dec. 30
American adults read or listen to an average of 12 books per year. Stephen King, on the other hand, reads seventy or eighty. He calls himself a "slow reader." In his book On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft (DB 50873), King emphasizes the importance of writers making time to read: "Reading is the creative center of a writer's life," he writes. "The trick is…

New Locally Produced Title: Sam McCool’s New Pittsburghese

Thu., Dec. 28
LBPH is proud to share a new locally produced title available for loan or for download from BARD.  Sam McCool's New Pittsburghese: How to Speak Like a Pittsburgher was narrated by volunteer Joan Seibert.  This audiobook was carefully monitored, edited, and produced by the LBPH Studio Team and Volunteers. Sam McCool's New Pittsburghese: How to Speak Like a Pittsburgher By Sam McCool DBC12090 From the…
Front cover of Barron's US Citizenship Test

Citizenship Through Naturalization

Mon., Dec. 25
If you are on your way to becoming an American citizen, Library for the Blind and Physically handicapped offers Barron’s U.S. Citizenship Test (DB78027). This audio book presents the procedures and regulations for applying for American citizenship; summaries of U.S. history, geography, and government; and exercises for reading and writing English. It contains the 2013 application requirements and sample forms, questions, and answers. It also…

Have you tried Libby and Hoopla for kids?

Mon., Dec. 25
Borrowing eBooks, eAudiobooks, music, movies and TV shows for kids has never been easier! Here's how to make the most of Libby and Hoopla apps using the kid friendly settings.

About Music: Accessing the NLS Music Section

Sat., Dec. 23
Many patrons of the Pennsylvania Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped know that they have access to the NLS Music Section, but I suspect that not all of our patrons with musical ambitions have tapped the resource. What does the music section provide? How does it work? Who will I talk to on the phone? Can I access the Music Section through BARD? If…

Best of BARD: November 2017

Wed., Dec. 20
Here we finally find that holiday title I was expecting to see in October.  Debbie Macomber’s Merry and Bright came in at number five for the top five books downloaded by our Western Pennsylvania patrons last month.  Deep Freeze by John Sandford was the top download atop a list that, other than Macomber’s title, is comprised of thrillers.  King Patterson made the top five yet…

STEM: All Hands On Tech – New Tech for a New Year!

Wed., Dec. 20
In December, Children's Librarians at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh celebrated a year of literacy and learning with the opportunity to explore new STEM programs, including robots and coding activities. Staff learned together as these opportunities allow us to create as a team and share our new knowledge with children in the coming year.

Holiday Offerings for the Not-So-Traditional

Tue., Dec. 19
Want to get into the yuletide spirit but not a fan of the classic warm and fuzzy "feel-good" stories? Here are some books, movies, and a graphic novel that can be your reason for the season. Edward Scissorhands: A suburban housewife finds a strange boy with scissors for hands, and takes him home to meet the family. Like Tim Burton's other Christmas movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas,…

Dark Cute (Yes, this IS about Beanie Babies)

Thu., Dec. 14
I stumbled on Zac Bissonnette’s book The Great Beanie Baby Bubble shortly after it was published and I was blown away by it for a few reasons. From the first few Beanie fanatics who actually made a great deal of money from selling “rare” beanies (like Humphrey the Camel, Patty the Platypus, and Old Face Teddy), to the development of publications devoted to the hobby and practice, to an interview with the now incarcerated so-called Beanie Baby Murderer, Bissonnette does an amazing job.