A variety of wacky illustrated characters including a video game controller with legs.

I'm Bored...

Tue., Mar. 31
As if being a teen wasn’t hard enough, I can’t even imagine how difficult being a teen in the year 2020 is. Personally, I don’t have the fondest memories of my own teen years, but what I do remember enjoying was my growing independence. Getting out and exploring the world as an emerging adult was thrilling. I hated sitting idly at home and would take…
Adult hands typing on laptop keyboard at table with bowl of bananas positioned right.

Plan a Virtual Book Club With Your Friends

Tue., Mar. 31
We miss seeing you in our spaces and we miss hosting in-person book clubs in our locations. Until it is safe to do so again, we want to offer an alternative- host your own #alonetogether book club. Hoopla digital has made it incredibly easy to plan a virtual book club. If you’re unfamiliar with Hoopla Digital, it is an online platform that provides access to…
Two CLP Teenspace Literary Brackets, one lime green and the other magenta.

The End of March Doesn’t Mean the End of Brackets

Tue., Mar. 31
I have always enjoyed all the brackets the pop-up throughout March and all the different winners that people choose. Well, I realized recently that just because March ends, doesn’t mean that all the fun and competition that comes along with brackets has to end. So, we decided to have some fun on the TeenSpace Instagram page and create our own competition. We will post the blank bracket with the titles that are competing…
Grandparent shares their smartphone screen with their grandchild.

Tips for Helping Someone Learn to Use Technology

Tue., Mar. 31
"Isn't everybody on the Internet?" Nobody thinks that anymore, right? The numbers support what I imagine many of us are finding in our daily conversations with family, friends, and neighbors -- when it comes to technology, access and know-how are not universal, and technology is unevenly distributed across society. A crisis as extreme as the COVID-19 Pandemic will inevitably expose some of the technology inequities…
Two teens working a mobile produce truck for the Summer Learn and Earn program.

Looking Ahead to Summer Jobs for Teens

Mon., Mar. 30
Schools are closed and the Governor has ordered us to stay at home. So much feels unpredictable and unknowable. But one thing that I do know and want to share with you, is that Partner4Work is committed to providing job opportunities for young people ages 14-21 this summer and applications are now being accepted for Learn & Earn 2020. So even though you might not…
Teens enjoying PhenomeCon

Teen Time @ Home with these Free Creative Resources

Mon., Mar. 30
Creating community, collaborating and using technology to build our literacies are the core values of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Teenspace. In our Teen Time and Labs programs we find ways to incorporate those outcomes into our activities and interactions. Even though the Library is closed right now, that doesn’t mean we can’t achieve those goals together.  Creativity and interest-driven activities serve as calming experiences to…
Grandparent and grandchild using digital tablet in the couch.

Hey Virtual Party People!

Mon., Mar. 30
Well folks, I think we’re probably all in agreement that staying at home  is getting a tad stale. I’m the first person to admit that I normally adore my alone time; I often crave a quiet night in after a busy day at the library. That said, I am equal parts comfy-pants lady and...possibly the most social, active person in existence. I love love love…
Graphic featuring eBook reader surrounded by stars with text "Staff Picks."

Always Available on Hoopla: Mindfulness and Meditation

Sun., Mar. 29
Sometimes current events can feel overwhelming. Practicing mindfulness and meditation can help reduce anxiety and boost resilience. These self-care titles are always available as eBooks through Hoopla. You can link to Hoopla through our eResources page and view a Hoopla tutorial here. The Art of Breathing: The Secret to Living Mindfully by Danny Penman A concise guide to finding peace in a messy world, by taking…
Asymmetrical patchwork antique quilt with hand embroidery.

Top 5 Beginning Genealogy Questions

Sat., Mar. 28
Based on the questions we’re getting through our new chat reference system, a lot of you are working on your family history history right now. For the beginners out there, I thought I’d share the top five questions new genealogists ask the librarians in the Pennsylvania Department when they’re getting started. 1. Can I look at the file on my family?  This is absolutely the…
A metal fence with signs reading: Don't Give Up, You Are Not Alone, You Matter

COVID-19 Resources: Urgent Community Needs

Sat., Mar. 28
When the COVID-19 crisis hit, so much became uncertain, but one thing didn't change and that is our ability to do what we need to do to help our neighbors. If you take Mr. Rogers' advice, you can look for the helpers, and that is what this post intends to help you do. Pittsburghers have big hearts and now more than ever we are banding…