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Navigating Post High School Choices

Mon., Feb. 1
However you decide to navigate life after high school, remember that the Library offers ways to have fun, learn and think about new pathways. Here are some resources for considering future options.
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Book Awards Roundup: Part 1

Thu., Jan. 14
As a librarian I have always been aware of book awards and prizes, but it wasn’t until this year that I began to realize the huge number and wide scope of literary awards that there are in the world. Read on to learn more.
An adult reading a book at home.

Book Awards Roundup: Part 2

Thu., Jan. 14
Check out this post for some background on this research, and why I put it together. Here’s a breakdown of the book awards and prizes I surveyed, with pie charts! There are so many ways to look at these. By format: what were the most popular nonfiction titles? Graphic Novels? True Crime books? By country: Exactly how many book awards does Canada have? Alas, there is not enough time…
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Meet Your Match Using Our Materials Match Forms

Mon., Nov. 9
If you're looking for personalized reading recommendations or materials for home or school, check out these material match forms and join the hundreds of patrons who have utilized our services and gotten great results. 
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RADical Days 2020

Wed., Oct. 14
RADical Days, the annual celebration of the cultural institutions and organizations that benefit from Allegheny Regional Asset District sales tax funding, occurs this year from September – November 2020. Read on to learn more about what's happening this year.
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Love Listening To Your Library With Audiobooks

Thu., Sep. 10
Perhaps you are one of the readers who discovered audiobooks during self-isolation to break up the hours in the day, or started to rely on them during daily walks or housecleaning. You’re not alone, audiobooks are getting more and more popular.
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Check Yourself: News Literacy for Teens (and Adults)

Wed., Aug. 19
As the school year approaches, many students will be doing virtual/remote learning. Without direct access to their school libraries, even more research will be done online. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh offers a wealth of digital resources and databases that can aid students when doing research, as well as information about examining sources with a critical eye.
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Podcasts That Center Diverse Perspectives

Fri., Jul. 24
Podcasts! Ideal companions for driving, dishwashing, housecleaning, even gardening -- or maybe insomnia companions. Here I have compiled a list of podcasts that cover a range of identities engaging with the world, focusing on Black, LGBTQ+ and disabled perspectives.
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Always Available on Hoopla: Race and Healing

Wed., Jul. 1
Whether we are engaging in social activism and working for social justice for the first time or as a regular practice, we must be prepared for ongoing growth and learning. As something that is often characterized as a "fight," This work can (necessarily) cause trauma and stress. After all, it involves learning about historical trauma and/or having to educate or inform others about personal and…

NaNoWriMo: Come Write In at CLP!

Wed., Oct. 24
NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, is coming up soon. Started in 1999, this idea is a proven fun challenge for writers of all levels of experience - taking one month to write a novel, or at least 50,000 words. If you're participating for the first or fifteenth time, CLP has resources and spaces for you to use! As part of NaNoWriMo's Come Write In…